Boneless Rib Roast


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3lb  roast at medium rare feeds  approx. 5-7 people
4lb  roast at medium rare feeds  approx. 7-9 people
5lb  roast at medium rare feeds  approx. 9-11 people
6lb  roast at medium rare feeds  approx. 11-13 people
7lb  roast at medium rare feeds  approx. 13-15 people
8lb  roast at medium rare feeds  approx. 15-17 people


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Roasts range from 3lbs to 8lbs. We cannot control the weight of each roast.  A boneless rib roast loses approximately 15% of its weight during cooking.  For a standard 3 course dinner, the protein (or entree) should be 6 oz. – 8 oz. per person depending on appetite.  Example: a 5lb. boneless rib roast will lose approximately .75lb (15%) during the cooking process (AT MEDIUM RARE) leaving a 4.25lb Roast (68 ounces.)  At 7 ounces of roast per person, a 4.25lb. roast (68 ounces) will feed nearly 9-11 people.

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