First Cut Beef Brisket


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Approximately 3lbs and up. We cannot control the weights of individual briskets.  If you are looking for, in example, a 5lb  brisket, we may only have 2 pieces at 2.5lbs each.  If you require your brisket to be whole, as opposed to broken up into two pieces totaling 5 pounds (or any combination,) please specify in the ORDER NOTES section of the check out page.

3lb  raw feeds  approx. 4-6 people after cooking
4lb  raw feeds  approx. 5-7 people after cooking
5lb  raw feeds  approx. 6-8 people after cooking
6lb  raw feeds  approx. 7-9 people  after cooking
7lb  raw feeds  approx. 9-11 people  after cooking

Price will be adjusted based on final weight

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First & Center cut brisket (also known as the flat) is the leanest cut of the brisket.  The first & center cuts of brisket shrinks between 30% and 40% during the cooking process, regardless of how it is prepared or the speed at which it is prepared. First cuts range from 3lbs to 7lbs. We cannot control the weight of each roast.   For a standard 3 course dinner, the protein (or entree) should be 6 oz. – 8 oz. per person depending on appetite.  Example: a 6lb. first or center cut brisket will lose approximately 2.1lbs (35%) during the cooking process  leaving a 3.9lbs brisket (63 ounces.)  At 7 ounces of brisket per person, a 3.9lb. brisket (63 ounces) will feed approximately 7-9 people.

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